Braided bread can look intimidating to make, that is what I thought at first, then I decided to get my hands do it and this bread is a snap to make – not difficult at all. You just have to be gentle with the Crescent Rolls dough because it is very soft and delicate. But once you get the hang of it, you will tap yourself on the shoulder for creating this delicious snacks or dinner.


Hello. I bet you have heard about Justin Bieber having been arrested  and released. The offenses, drag racing and driving under the influence. Although it is tragic, I feel compassion for this child. What the heck, I bought his album and I listened to his Baby song and mimed Eenie Meenie song… should I cower with embarrassment now? I am not a fan, but when he was starting, I want my children to be inspired by his life. My children did not become a Belieber, but I did.

Then he made a movie –  Believe, and I watched that too 🙂

Now “the Biebs”  is in the obvious road to destruction, but I guess somehow, we can learn something from him. My children can learn something from his predicament, that is.



1. Money is not everything

Jim Carey was once interviewed and he said something astounding about money . ” I think, everyone should become rich so that they will know that money is not everything,'” This is from a guy who once went on top of Hollywood Hills and dream about becoming one of the big stars and he also envisioned of becoming so rich.  Jim Carey is also known  about writing a 1 million dollar check to his name and put it in his wallet so that he will be motivated to work hard to become rich.

As we know, he has now the all the money to buy thing, but he does not have things that money cannot buy: peace, joy, happiness and an intact marriage. His quote is something that is very thought provoking from a man who came from rags to riches.


2. Choose your friends well

When Justin was starting in his road to stardom,  he kept his childhood friends around him. Then he got so famous, that his old friends and him have became estranged. His friends’ names were normal: Ryan and Christian. Now, he got friends  named  Lil Twist and Lil Za. I do not know but those names just do not sound normal to me… When he got these friends, that is when he also started getting into trouble. Then when he was caught, he was with a lady who is always taking a selfie in her bikini…

Now, is it too obvious that I am a Justin fan?  What can I do? He is always in the news. Okey, let us move on.


3. Parents should be a parent not a friend

So many times, teens  that have gone into troubles are those who have parents who want to be a  friend with their children rather than be a parent. As a parent myself, there are times that I wanted to become a friend to my kids  in order for me to connect with them. But, I also have to be a parent. I have to discipline them, I have tell them what they needed to hear and I have protect them. I also go to full extend of snooping in their phones to know what they are up to. I get to know who their friends are, and I want to know the parents of their friends too. It is better to be safe, you know.

When Justin was caught, his dad was with him. He was one of those who barricaded the streets so that his son can race in a high-speed limit. He was also with him when he was drunk driving and when Justin was smoking weed. This dad left Justin’s mom when she was pregnant with him and now he is back claiming that ” he can protect his son.” What a deadbeat dad.


4. The importance of good education

I cannot imagine this kid having a fulfilling feeling when his education diploma is junior in high school. I will understand it if he is using his talent for the better of the world. That would make up for his lack of education, but he is doing all these useless and self destructive things. He should go back to school and learn life skills or develop his talent.


5. Faith is not everything we have to put it into action

Justin and I are the same. He believes in God too. But, I have come to learn that no matter how much faith we have, if we do not put them to action, it is futile. Faith is something that we have to be proactive about.

But there are times that we can become weak in our faith too, but I learned that no matter what, just keep doing good works which is required by faith. Storms come in our lives but we must stick to God’s ways when crap happens. I am a believer who made mistakes and who has knowledge of the Bible. Yup, I have knowledge of God’s words, but I lack wisdom – I do not have the strength to do what is right for me as the Bible requires. So crappy things happened to me  but JUST KEEP THE FAITH. Eventually, Justin and I will get it and will do better.

I am giving  Justin the benefit of the doubt. He is young, he is pressured, his parents do not have a backbone to be a parent, but I feel compassion for this kid. He has all the talent that so many young people do not have. He has a calling, or a reason why he is gifted of these talents. I just hope he will find the meaning of his life . For me, I think he is to serve humanity. To encourage. To help people in this  world and to make a difference in peoples’ lives. I just hope that he will come out of this struggles stronger, freer and a strong believer.


This morning, I woke up and prayed for Justin.  Okey,I admit, I am a Belieber Mom, ” but I want him to come out of this stronger. I hope that he will still be alive to see through the calling God intended him to carry out. Again, another confession to make.  I  tweeted Justin, not that he will read it,  but I realllllllly have compassion and mercy for him. I feel so bad for his mom and grandparents – they must be hurting now.

But I cannot worry about Justin anymore, so I made this Braided Bread filled with Skinless Chicken Breast and Broccoli. There is cheese and low-fat mayo in it to highlight its gooey -ness. Though I had a handful takes about Justin, there are just things or meals that words cannot express it enough. All my daughter said when she had her bite in this Braided Bread was, “HMMMMMM.” If Justin is here in my house, sharing with us, he will be speechless too.



 Failure is just an opportunity to begin again. This time, more intelligently- Henry Ford



  1. 1 cup chopped broccoli
  2. 1 red bell pepper (chopped)
  3. 2 cups cooked chicken breast ( 2 pieces of pre cut chicken breast)
  4. 1 8 oz mild cheddar jack
  5. 1/3 cup low fat mayonnaise
  6. 2 tubes original flavor crescent rolls


  • Put chicken breast in saucepan and cover with water. Put a pinch of salt and boil until cook through. Let chicken cool. When cook, shred the cooked breast into small pieces and chop.Transfer into a big bowl.
  • Add in chopped pepper, broccoli, cheddar, mayonnaise to the chicken breast.Mix thoroughly until well incorporated and the mayonnaise will coat and hold the mixture.
  • In the meantime, line the crescent roll on the large baking pan. Use the largest baking sheet you got.
  • Please be gentle when you separate the crescent rolls as the are very soft. After you spread them flat on the the sheet, seal the edges so that it will look like a dough.
  • Line the mixture into the crescent roll.
  • Cut the sides using a knife or a pizza cutter as shown above.
  • Gently pull the crescent roll side towards the middle of the mixture. Continue until the crescent roll seals the filling. Be sure that the dough is sealed so that the mixture will not ooze ot ( Please see above photo)


Please be gentle when you separate the crescent rolls as the are very soft. After you spread them flat on the the sheet, just make sure that the rolls are sealed so that the the filling will not ooze out. As you can see, my work was a mess , but this is sooo good. This recipe was adapted from this


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