You attract people by the qualities you display. You keep them by the qualities you possess


I think this Chicken Breast Stir fry meal we will have today is the most special, and the easiest meal I am sharing with you because:

1. I did not lift a finger to make this.

2. It is my daughter’s recipe

3. My daughter cooked it.


I am proud to say that my daughter has been cooking this stir fry chicken breast for awhile now. Each time she cooks this meal, I feel an utter pride of how she has grown to love cooking .


She has been so independent lately. When she wants  to eat an omelet, she makes it herself  because she has her own way of cooking it. When she wants to eat noodles, she  prepares it herself.  We always tease her that she is ready for college because she can manage herself in the kitchen. Sometimes though, I feel sad because seeing her cooking  is an indication that soon, she will be leaving us.

Being a selfish mom, I feel like I am not needed anymore.;but the good thing is, I have taught her well. I have set a foundation for her to fly free and conquer the world with confidence. I hope I have taught her well not only in the kitchen but on how to become a better person. I hope that my teachings of values like hard work, respect and faith are deeply rooted in her as well. I think these are the things that every parents want.




  1. 3 pieces chicken breast ( skinless and sliced into strips)
  2. Stir fry vegetable meals ( 12 oz frozen- readily available in your frozen veggie section)
  3. Teriyaki sauce to taste ( any brand that your store carry will do)
  4. 4 tablespoon cooking oil


  • Place the oil in large frying pan bring to high heat.
  • Add in slice chicken breast and cook in all sides. Make sure it is not pink and it is cooked.
  • When the chicken breast is cooked, add in the stir fry frozen vegetable.
  • Cook vegetable until they are thawed and heated up.
  • Add in the Teriyaki sauce to taste.
  • Mix completely to coat the chicken and vegetables
  • Serve with rice and Enjoy!



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