Easy and Delicious Lumpia Recipe

It is my son’s 13 th birthday and he requested this Lumpia. And who am I to refuse him on his special day.

When it comes to my kids’ birthday, I am always very particular about the food I serve because my kids’ friends are mostly non Filipino, so I worried about what they will eat; but this Lumpia is always “sold out” among their friends. They keep coming on seconds and thirds until I have to cook for another batch. They also love the Pandesal, so next time they come over, I am going to serve it as well.

I always love having people around the house. Whenever my kids asked for sleep over, I don’t refuse because aside from I get to know and meet their friends, it is an opportunity to cook some good food. I remember one of my son’s friend loving Filipino noodle soup and Pansit. I enjoyed watching him devouring the food and enjoying it. So every time he comes and visit, his dinner is always covered and it looks like he is getting used to it too…

Easy and Delicious Lumpia Recipe

Easy and Delicious Lumpia Recipe
Recipe type: Appetizer
Cuisine: Filipino Cusine
  • Ingredients
  • .278 lbs carrots ( 1 piece 5" length carrots)
  • .264 lbs bell pepper (1/2 of bell pepper)
  • .346 lbs onion ( 1 piece of chopped medium sized onion)
  • 2.308 lbs ground pork
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • ½ tablespoons ground pepper
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 eggs for the filling Plus one more for wrapper sealing.
  • 4 cups of Canola Oil for deep frying PLUS
  • 1 pack Lumpia Wrapper
  1. Instructions
  2. Mix all of the ingredients except the cooking oil and the wrapper.
  3. When ready, try the filling if it is to your liking by frying a small amount and adjust accordingly.
  4. Line 1½ tablespoons of the filling and spread on the edge of the wrapper and roll, as shown on the video. Seal wrapper with the egg.
  5. Cut the Lumpia into half and trim the end sides.
  6. Heat the oil and deep fry the Lumpia until golden brown.
  7. Freeze leftover filling for next use.


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