Filipino Pandesal Recipe that Actually Tastes Like Pandesal Plus Video



Filipino Pandesal Recipe that Actually Tastes Like Pandesal. As promised , I am sharing with ‘ya all this Pandesal recipe that is easy to follow and surely, your family will love it. This pandesal is just how I remembered it when I was still in the Philippines – crunchy on the outside, soft , fluffy and airy in the inside. I love my pandesal with cheddar cheese and of course, with Milo.

Try these buns and you will be transported into the Filipino Culture. Pandesal is part of traditional Filipino breakfast where you dip your bread into your coffee and chocolate milk. These buns are only bake in the morning and in the afternoon…

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I am ready to eat my breakfast.

Pandesal are sweet buns that we, Filipinos eat  for breakfast and we, or I,  dip it in a coffee or Milo. It is also baked fresh at 3 PM in the afternoon in Filipino bakeries. There were no implied rules as to what time it should be sold and baked, but it has been done like this for a long time that it has become a tradition –  Pandesal in the morning and Pandesal in the afternoon plus rice from breakfast,lunch and dinner, you  are justified to conclude that we, Pinoys, love our carbs, yah.yah, yah?

How to Make Pandesal : Let the dough rise How to Make Pandesal : Let the dough rise 

 In order for pandesal to be authentic, it  must be coated  with bread crumbs before baking.  It is Pandesal’s trademark to have crumbs falling on your shirt or crumbs sticking on your cheeks while you eat them. Without falling crumbs, I will say it is just one of those common buns sold in the bakeries.

How to Make Pandesal : Form the dough into flatten rectangle.
How to Make Pandesal : Form the dough into flatten rectangle.
How to Make Pandesal : Fold the dough
How to Make Pandesal : Fold the dough
How to Make Pandesal :Slice dough into slant and roll in the breadcrumbs
How to Make Pandesal :Slice dough into slant and roll in the breadcrumbs
I am preparing my Filipino breakfast tradition - Pandesa
I am preparing my Filipino breakfast tradition – Pandesal

 My memory about Pandesal was about this guy riding a bike with a basket full of bread behind him; it was  wrapped in a cloth to keep the bread warm. “PANDESAL!!!!!!!! ” he bellowed. Mind you, this was  still on the wee hour in the morning; yet, I  get off  from my bed, rubbed my eyes and clutching my two cents, I made my way among the crowd to buy these little sweet rolls to get my early morning Pandesal fix.

I am preparing my Filipino breakfast tradition - Pandesa

Pandesal is one part of my Filipino culture which was deeply ingrained in me. But when I came here in the US, I had stopped eating pandesal just because it is not available and because I was just simply lazy to make my own. When I went home this year and my children tasted Pandesal for the first time and liked it, I cannot help but be embarrassed of myself and guilty at the same time. How crazy was I to let my children be ignorant about this Filipino tradition.

I am preparing my Filipino breakfast tradition - Pandesa


I am cutting my Pandesal to fill it with cheddar cheese - YUM!
I am cutting my Pandesal to fill it with cheddar cheese – YUM!


 Pandesal twith cheddar cheese - Just how I liked it!
Pandesal twith cheddar cheese – Just how I liked it!

But it is not too late. I can make this Pandesal and remind them of our roots. I made sure this Pandesal recipe will taste similar to what they tasted in the Philippines. I tried out two recipes but they did not work out, so from those trial and error, I was able to come up with this Pandesal recipe that worked. It’s  fluffiness, the sweetness of this Pandesal is spot on.  I am sharing it with you, guys! I believe that Filipino children raised in any part of the world should experience this Pandesal tradition….just like what I am doing now. So hop into the bandwagon and let’s get baking. CHECK OUT THIS CINNAMON ROLLS TOO: MY FIRST SUCCESSFUL CINNAMON ROLLS WITH WALNUTS, HOW MUCH IT COST TO ENJOY CORON PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES.


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Pandesal Recipe
Servings: 20 • Serving Size:1• Old Points:3 • Points+: 3 • Calories :135• Fat:.3 g • Protein: 3.2g • Carb:28.9 g • Fiber: .8 g • Sugar: 5.1 g • Sodium: 117mg
  • 4 cups all purpose flour plus ½ cup to sprinkle on the table
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 egg,beaten (room temperature)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 pack rapid rise yeast (1 sachet is 2¼ tsp)
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 cup milk (fresh)
  • ¼ cup canola oil
  • 1 tablespoon oil to grease the dough bowl
  • 1 cup Bread Crumbs for coating
  1. Place the flour and yeast , in a large mixing bowl mix and make a well in the middle. Set aside. In a separate bowl, mix water, oil,sugar,salt and milk until the sugar dissolves and heat it for to warm temperature 105 - 107.OR YOU CAN JUST PUT SUGAR AND SALT WITH THE FLOUR. Pour mixture into the middle of the flour and mix twice then add the egg.Continue mixing until you will get a soft,fluffy dough. This will be a gooey dough but it is how it should be. When the dough is ready, coat your hands with flour so that the dough will not stick onto your hand and form it into the ball and transfer the dough into a greased bowl. Let the dough sit in the warm place for an hour.
  2. After an hour, transfer the dough in a gently floured surface and directly (do not knead) gently form it into rectangle 4 " in width and 20 " in length and then fold to form a log. Cut the dough into 20 or more (depending on the size you want) pieces in a slanting form,shape them and roll them in a breadcrumbs.Arrange the dough 1' between them. Sprinkle the dough with more crumbs and let it rest in a warm place for another hour.
  3. When ready, Preheat oven at 300 F and bake the Pandesal for 20 to 25 minutes OR when it is lightly brown on top.Enjoy! Store leftover pandesal into the freezer for until a month.
  4. NOTE: Please read on the comment below,since anonymous did not have a success on it 🙁
  5. ADDITIONAL TIP: Preheat oven int its lowest setting, for my oven it is 125 F for 2 minutes then turn it off . I use this as the warm place where I can keep rise my dough for two hours. I call it "kinda hot" place for my dough to rise.


Filipino Pandesal Recipe that Actually Tastes Like Pandesal
Filipino Pandesal Recipe that Actually Tastes Like Pandesal

292 comments on “Filipino Pandesal Recipe that Actually Tastes Like Pandesal Plus Video

  1. Thank you for this recipe! I tried this last night and it was a success! It’s so soft, even if you heat it up the following day. It stays soft and tasty!

  2. Hello Shobee. This is my first post for anything about cooking. Tried your pandesal recipe last night and knew it was good since my Filipina fiance’ said in her normal shy voice after tasting it, “I like it”, then smiled. At that point I had to do “the dance”, which I presume looks like poking a fork in an electrical outlet, but my way of celebrating. Can’t wait to try this at Tagum City to see if my new extended family will similarly smile.

  3. Before i decided to make a dish/baked goods, iam looking for the recipe. To find the best recipe, iam looking for the feedbacks or comments. So far.. this recipe makes me sooo sooo curious. Whyyy! Seems like its my responsible to make this pandesal recipe since i get to know this!

    I am definitely going to try this one! Hahaha

      1. Wow! This is so perfect! Super soft and yummy! Im going to keep this recipe of yours. I actually think, can i use this dough in making ensaymada? or even spanish bread? Or any?

  4. I tried this today.. everything in the recipe, plus I placed an extra baking sheet at the bootom oven rack with a handful of ice to keep it moist inside.. It turns out great and my husband loved it! Thank you for this recipe!

  5. it’s quiet good! I used 2 cups of wheat flour and 2 cups of white flour and it’s good…Thanks for sharing your recipe I will make this again.

  6. By far the easiest yet the best Pandesal recipe I’ve ever tried! It truly taste like “home”! I’ve tried this recipe thrice already and it never fails to be fluffy,soft and so delish. my daughter and hubby loves it! Thank you for sharing your recipe! All the best!

  7. Hi! I’m very happy and thankful that you’ve shared this recipe.. it truly is authentic tasting.. I made my second batch (since first batch was a try, just in case I fail) perfectly yesterday and my family loves it. Just did some tweeking on the yeast, cause I couldn’t find rapid rise yeast.

  8. repost to rate:
    Omg it turns out perfectly. I am new in baking and it is my first time baking pandesal. Just WOW! the soft & fluffy & taste is perfect. I use bread flour and follow everything.
    Thank you for this wonderful recipe. We all loved it

  9. Hi there! Just want say thank you! You’re recipe is Solid! 😀 after all the trial and errors and more errors, and reading a lot of recipe about pandesal…. yours is the one that made me achieved it nit just once but many times na…. 😉 i just did a little tweaking with the yeast, pero followed all yiur ingredients. Salamat! Btw, my pandesal lasted 5 days and still is soft and fluffy… kaya salamat ulet! 🙂

  10. On instructions it says after mixing place in an oiled bowl and let sit for an hour
    On the video it say after mixing place in an oiled bowl and let sit for two hours

    Can you tell me which is correct?

  11. I made this one today and it came out beautiful. The best pandesal recipe and its easy to make. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  12. This is the best pan de Sal recipe ever!! My husband and son loves this so much! It’s a good counterpart of the American dinner rolls. Thanks for sharing your recipe! 🙂

  13. Made it with 2c bread flour, 1c all-purpose flour, and 1 c wheat flour, left-over evaporated milk with skimmed milk ans some water to make up the required amount of milk, vegetable oil, used just 2t of instant dry yeast and the rest, as is. They turned out good and soft! Will use this recipe again, for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  14. i’ve been looking for this simple recipe and it works well with success. Thank so much for your generosity in sharing this. God bless.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe it was really perfect every time I made it. All my filipino friend enjoy it and requested again and I made ham and cheese for them.

  16. Thanks a lot for your recipe hope this time I can make and give me the pandesal that I wanted for a long time. More power and God bless!

  17. Shobee, thank you for such an easy, and yummy pandesal! I need to learn to shape it better but am glad I tried your recipe. Wish I could post a picture here. 🙂

  18. I love the bread. Do you have receipt for the rolls with the meat in side the Pandesal . I haven’t seen them anywhere since 1981 in Ca.

  19. Yay! I baked these for the first time today and they came out wonderfully. I made a few minor tweaks though. Instead of 4 cups of all-purpose flour, I used 2 cups of bread flour and 2 cups of all-purpose. I didn’t have any canola oil so I substituted that with vegetable oil. I also used 1% milk. Aside from that, I followed the rest of your recipe write-up.

    Girrrrrrl!!! These are amazingly light and fluffy. They definitely pass the pandesal taste test. My family approves 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this recipe!

    1. I used instant yeast before and it made the Pandesal really hard and there were some holes in them. I googled and maybe you can use this as reference.
      PER GOOGLE 🙂
      ” Use less of the instant yeast if the recipe calls for rapid rise. Instant is a more potent form because the drying process kills fewer of the buggers. The dry particles are also smaller than active dry form, which means instant doesn’t need to be prehydrated before kneading into dough.”

  20. I have a few questions .
    1) can I use 1/2 cup evaporated milk and 1/2 cup whole milk?
    2) what size or course for panko bread crumb?
    3) is vegetable oil in place of canola oil?
    4) can I use butter flavored baking/cooking spray for the first rise in the bowl?
    5) can we double recipe or is it best to do one batch?
    6) if kept in air tight container, in general, how long do they stay fresh and soft?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Answer 1. I had not tried dividing the milk,so I am not sure how it will turn out. But I think it will be ok.
      2. I just used the traditional bread crumbs.
      3.I think it will be ok.
      4.It is fine.
      5.I usually one batch as it yields a lot of pandesal.
      6. It will last for a week.

      1. Iin one of your blog answers, I read you used panko bread crumbs, did you return to plain bread crumbs.
        Also since you highly recommend Rapid Rise yeast, can I still use the yeast, flour and warm liquid to ensure yeast is Alive and then add the wet ingredients and bread or AP flour, as my regular home dinner roll instructions. Just don’t want to add liquids into yeast, in case yeast is not good.

  21. I tried it and happy with my pandesal and been sharing it with my family. My house smells good too. We do not have pandesal store in our area now I can make it anytime I want to plus my family enjoys it too. Thanks for sharing

  22. I never thought making pandesal would be this easy! It’s amazing! My very first time making it & it was successful! Mine came out perfect! The flavor is perfect for my taste & my whole family loves it! Now I can finally have pandesal whenever I want & don’t have to buy it from the Filipino store. Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe!!!

  23. Mine was a success.been baking some slice bread and making cakes at home for family consumption and my kids requested to make pandesal,and it’s a success.

  24. Thank you for your recipe—-I have been trying—-mostly unsuccessfully—to make this for YEARS now—for some reason I can’t get the dough to RISE baby RISE…..and the pandesal ends up heavy and not airy and fluffy and all that good stuff. your recipe above—the OR part—confuses me—one reader above said something about salt killing yeast—-do you mean use one of these methods and NOT both together right? I always have a problem with language as if something is not stated exactly i tend to screw it up— 🙂 cheers—-I cook in a restaurant and really want to introduce this pandesal because I know it will be a hit—-thanks—-

  25. I love this recipe. This is the recipe that gave me a soft fluffy pandesal.tried 2-3 other recipes before and had rock hard ones hahaha. I used strong flour (I think that’s Europe’s version of bread flour) and I love the result! Now as I type this I’m proofing my pandesal but this time I used 2cups whole wheat and 2 cups white flour. Crossing my fingers I’ll get same result. Thanks from Ireland 🙂

    1. I think you used a wrong yeast and missed the instruction. In the instruction, you mixed the yeast with the flour. Try using a rapid rise yeast. The one in which you don’t dissolve in liquid. This is the type of yeast I used.

  26. thank you for sharing the recipe we had the pandesal with butter and coffee for dinner….the apartment smelled so good….since it’s my 1st try i felt very accomplished….we finished everything…i will make another batch tomorrow…:)

      1. Thank you so much for the delicious recipes I made the pandesal using this recipe last yesterday and my Swedish Fiance likes a lot and he wanted me to do it tomorrow again.

  27. Thanks so much for sharing. I made lots of pandesal before (they tasted great but they all turned hard the next day). Finally i found your site and this is the best recipe out there! Thank you!

  28. Hi! Thanks so much for this recipe. My ex wife’s mother used to make pandesal and it was the best bread I’d ever tasted. I’ve always regretted not asking her to teach me her recipe before she passed.
    One question though; can you expand on “leave in a warm place”? Does that mean a warm oven, and if so, what temperature?
    My friends and I are cooking a filipino dinner for my ex”s birthday this week and I’m hoping to get these right.

    1. Hi. Yes, leave it in a warm place. What I do is , I turn my oven on at the lowest setting and i let it warm for around five minutes. Then I turn it off. Leave the door open and I leave my dough there for an hour.This makes the dough rise.
      Also, please ensure you have the right yeast and warm water to mix the dough. I’m hoping you’ll succeed with your Pandesal.

    2. u can also make warm environment buy putting one glass of water in microwave and microwave it for maybe 60seconds remove the glass ang put ur dough inside the microwave and close wait for 2hrs the longer the better.

  29. I think 300 was too high for me…because my pandesal turned out burnt…so I put my second batch on 200 and turned out well:) Then my husband, complained of not having enough sugar but my daughter and I enjoyed making it…thx for the recipe, I think it is really easy to follow

  30. My pandesal turned out burnt, I guess 300 was too high but I put my second batch at 200 and it turned out well. Also my husband said that maybe I need to add a little bit more sugar:) But thank you so much for the recipe, my daughter and I enjoyed making it:)

  31. I made the Excat engridients but I forgot to put the warm water,So it becomes super Soft..Not Good..So I hope next time I will get it right…

  32. Like some other comments any chance of converting this to English measurements? Ie grammes, Litres and Centigrade? I can’t find one on web anywhere.

  33. Pls refer to my comment dated June 26.
    For someone who inquired if it’s okay to use “bread flour”, I recommend you pls do.
    I’ve been using bread flour ( King Arthur) and the result was very satisfying. On one occasion
    when I ran out of bread flour, I used AP flour ( Gold Medal), the result was not as good as those
    I made with bread flour.
    I also knead the dough by hand only, and use 350 F for 12- to 15 mins.

  34. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe 🙂 I was soo happy to have finally baked a batch of fluffy pandesal. My family loved them a lot 🙂

  35. Its my 2nd time now of baking this pandesal. I tried lots of pandesal recipe but this one is the best. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe.

    Does anyone tried using bread flour with this recipe? Just curious. Thanks.

    1. I haven’t received a comment using bread flour with this recipe but I really think it will still work out . Try the siopao dough too. it is almost at par with the store bought ones. My family love the siopao dough.

  36. Thank you very much for the recipe. I have since made several batches of these addictive
    pandesal. My whole family and friends can’t get enough of them.
    I use bread flour and knead the dough by hand only. I got 40 decent sized rolls out of 4 cups of flour., just how I remember it back home. Thanks again.

  37. I ran out of fresh milk and canola oil. So, I used half & half and sunflower oil. I also used unbleached flour. This is the best pandesal ever. So soft, light, and fluffy. Yummm! The best!!!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this comment. It is great to know your revision and it worked! Hope the other readers will find this helpful. Have a great weekend!

  38. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I love it! Made it for the first time and pandesal came out perfect. Used it to make chicken sandwiches. Smelled so good in the house while baking. It will definitely make this again and again. Thank you so much!!!!

  39. Thank y0u so much for sharing your recipe.. s0oo good and yummy.. my pandesal turned perfect khit 1st time ko mag try gumawa.. im so happy i made it my family loves it.. freshly baked pandesal

  40. Hello,
    I dont have a stand up mixer. What would be the instructions for mixing by hand/spoon?
    So excited to try your recipe!

    1. I have not tried olive oil with it but I think it’s ok. I am concern about the smell love oil will cause though. If you try it with olive oil, please come back and let us know how it turns out.

  41. I’m in the process of baking the pandesal as I’m writing this comment. This would be my third time this week; first and second tries were successful. They were such a hit with my husband and my two little ones. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. Just a quick question, in the website procedure it says to let it rise for an hour (preshaping) but in the video, you mentioned 2hrs. Would either time work or would you suggest 2hrs?

    1. Sorry, I was at work when I saw your comment. Actually, both hours worked. I did the two hours because au was out in an errand but I usually use th one hour rise. If it did not double , go ahead and do the 2 hours 🙂

  42. I’m in the process of baking the pandesal as I’m writing this comment. This would be my third time, first and second tries were successful. They were such a hit with my husband and my two little ones. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. Just a quick question, in the website procedure it says to let it rise for an hour preshaping but in the video, you mentioned 2hrs. Would either time work or would you suggest 2hrs?

  43. this is the best recipe ever! thank you so much for sharing your recipe, my pandesal turned perfect this time. im so happy finally i made it. my husband said he will sell it using putput while biking in Singapore

    1. Mai, it is my pleasure to share my recipe online for other moms and cooks out there. Looks like you have a funny husband! I am so happy for your pandesal success. Try the Suman too. That one is really good.

  44. this is the best recipe ever! thank you so much for sharing your recipe, my pandesal turned perfect this time. im so happy finally i made it. my husband said he will sell it using putput biking:))

  45. Finally got the perfect “bakery pandesal” recipe! Thanks! 🙂 Enjoying the smell of freshly baked bread here in Illinois!

    1. We love the aroma of fresh pandesal baking in the oven!I am so happy that the recipe worked for you and for letting me know that . Maraming Salamat.

  46. One thing I noticed on your video is that you put your salt directly on to your yeast and mess up the rise. You shouldn’t do that or it will kill your yeast. Put yeast on one side and salt on the other side of your bowl and then mix the dry ingredients together. Hope this helps others.

    1. I used rapid rise yeast in the recipe which is directly mix in the dry ingredients. So far, I had no problem with the rise of the dough by doing it. But thank you so much for the suggestion; I hope my readers will try it and have great success with it:)

      1. Rapid rise yeast and instant yeast are the same. Different companies call it different things because of trademark stuff. Both are concentrated forms of yeast — that’s why you only need 2 and 1/4 teaspoon of yeast per pound of flour. In any case, if you add salt directly to your yeast, it will slow down or kill the actions of the yeast and make it harder for your dough to rise/ proof. That’s why it’s important to separate them at first before you mix your dry ingredients together. 🙂

        Love your pandesal recipe. I’m looking forward to trying your other recipes!

  47. Hi,
    I’m so please I found your recipe I got the one almost perfect pandesal my two kids and my husband love it and finish everything’s not just one sitting.thanks for sharing.

    1. Lala, I used active dry yeast before but it did not work so great. Although the taste is still great, the bread has some holes in them and it was hard. Sorry.

  48. Easy and best recipe ever. Substitute water for egg and milk because I don’t have it but still the Pandesal still TASTE GOOD. Everybody loves it.
    Made it two days in a row still taste the same. Making it again…..THE BEST EVER

  49. Hi thanks for the recipe. I am so happy I finally found the good recipe for Pandesal… I made some today and it was so delicious.

  50. Hi thanks for the recipe. I am so happy I finally found the good recipe for Pandesal… I made some today and it was so delicious. Thanks again.

    1. Bob, I don’t have bread machine so I don’t know how it will turn out if you use one; but I am pretty sure it will work just fine. Please let us all know in the comment section how it turn out .

  51. can i use different oil? like sunflower oil? planning to make it for breakfast but only sunflower oil is available. and i am using yeast which in sachet says only “instant yeast” but the instruction says that no need to reconstitute in water. do you will it work tye same as the rapid rise yeast?


    1. I think it will be ok with sunflower oil and instant yeast but I have not tried them myself.I am not sure if there will be different taste or smell using the sunflower oil, though. Good luck and let me know how it turn out…

      1. thank you for the quick reply, i manage to get some canola oil, i will still use the instant yeast, i only found two kinds of yeast available in the grocery, active dried yeast and instant yeast, i will let you know how it turns out. thank you again

  52. I’m not a Filipino, but I like to eat & cook different Filipino dishes (I love pinoy food & my wife is a pinay).

    Baking is not my strength, but since my last visit to Philippines none of the local bakeries here came even close in terms of taste & quality.

    I gave your recipe a try & it turned out Awesome! My wife & friends did not believe I bake this!

    Thanks a for sharing the tecipe with us, I’m making it again today.

  53. This was the first pandesal recipe I’ve tried, and taste-wise, it’s a winner! However, I didn’t get a light, airy pandesal. Mine was soft, but a bit on the heavy/flat side. With the exception of the yeast (I used Instant Dry Yeast instead of Rapid Rise Yeast since I couldn’t find it anywhere), I followed your recipe to the letter. 🙁 Not sure what went wrong.

    I tried a different recipe tonight and can’t get the same taste. 🙁 So I will use your recipe again, but first need to figure out why my pandesal didn’t turn out airy.

  54. Hi Shobee,
    Tried making pandesal four times now and all failed. They came out ok but it missed that airy, fluffy and soft texture that is common in pandesal that you can easily buy in any bakery around the corner in the Philippines.
    I just have one question before trying this recipe .In your recipe, you combine the yeast and the flour. Is this a special kind of yeast that does not need to be added to the water-milk-sugar mixture to activate? I’ve only used Tandaco dry yeast as it is the most common in our area. Am confused!
    I would like to serve my family something that would immediately transport them back home and avoid the possible comment “epic fail again, Mom” from my youngest. Thanking you in advance.

    1. Hi Bess. This is not a special type of yeast. In fact, it is common and carried in your grocery stores. There are two types of yeast though: one that you emerge in water( active dry yeast) and the one that you mix directly with the flour or ingredients (Fast Rise or Rapid Rise Yeast) . When you buy them in the store, just look at the back for the one that is mixed directly in the flour or ingredients which is Fast Rise YEast. When you make this Pandesal make sure to read the comments for guidance from the one who succeeded with it. Also,do not add lot of flour when you want to handle the dough.

  55. Hi,
    I have tried a quite a few recipes for pan de sal and this one by far is the best and we’ll be using your recipe from now on. It was a hit with my two girls aged 4 and 2 1/2. Even my dad and my husband said that it tasted exactly the same as the ones we buy at a local Filipino store. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe! God bless!

    1. I am so glad that my Pandesal recipe worked out for you and for taking the time to let me know.My kids love this Pandesal too specially with Milo and cheese. Sometimes, they use condensed milk too. Take care and I hope you will try some of the recipes here. Best regards to you and your family.

  56. This is the right recipe! Soft, crusty and smells good. I followed every procedure to get it right. My wife and daughter loved it they opened a can of condensed milk hehe.. Thanks for the PERFECT RECIPE

  57. How gooey is the dough supposed to be? Can you please post a pic? I tried making this and followed the recipe to the dot and the dough appeared gooey and I couldn’t make it into a ball…

    1. So sorry it did not work for you….it is gooey but not watery that you cannot form it into a ball. The thing that will make the stickiness workable enough is through that small amount of extra flour your hand when you work on the dough.The picture should be the same as above … also put a flour on the table where you put your dough.

  58. Hi Shobee, this was the first time I baked Pandesal and I used your recipe with great success! Lots of orders, too! Thanks a lot for sharing. Merry Christmas!

  59. This is a good recipe. It is exactly what we have in our bakeries back home. It’s the small bakeries I mean that could be found with villages. This is what I have been looking for. Thank you so much for sharing and for taking time to give out all the details. I did not have uniformed pandesal but that gives me a reason to do it again. The first batch is almost gone. Salamat and Mabuhay ka!

    1. Thank you for coming back and saying those wonderful wonderful words. I am glad that the Pandesal recipe work out for you… Maligayang Pasko and Mabuhay!!! Take care often!

  60. Hello,

    I tried your recipe yesterday and I mixed the dough with spoon and my hand. Compared with other bread dough that I baked, this dough was very sticky and wet. But since you mentioned this in the instructions I just continued mixing it although I didn’t get the very smooth dough that’s in your photo.. After the first rise, I found it difficult to shape as the dough was still sticky. Wasn’t able to form it in a log so I just divided the dough into 20 balls and baked it like that. After about 25 mins, voila, pandesal was perfect! I admit I didn’t expect to get good results because I thought I messed up the mixing and shaping part but still it turned out really good. I will bake this again next time and probably I’ll add a bit more flour to make it easy to handle. Thanks for this!

    1. I am so glad that you were able to “save” the Pandesal by your quick thinking. I hope the other readers will get this idea of adding a little bit more of flour to make the dough less sticky… I really did not have a problem with my dough using the recipe above. Thanks for coming back and taking the time to post this comment, Anna.

      1. Shobee, Not at all. I used the kneading setting on my stand mixer, works well, didn’t have to use my hands. I transferred the dough from the mixer straight to the oily bowl..I made a small modification simply because I couldn’t find I couldn’t find fresh milk, so I used 1/2 evaporated milk and 1/2 2% milk. So far I’ve made 5 batches of these delicious buns for my family.. Everyone loves them…

          1. Note for those who end up getting sticky dough, just add more all purpose flour (little at a time) until you get the right consistency. Be careful not to add too much, cuz too much flour will make the dough stiff and the bun won’t be airy inside.

            Hope this helps your other readers Shobee.

            Personally I won’t modify the recipe too much, its perfect that way it is.

        1. Hi Ress,
          I was wondering how 1/2 evap and 1/2 regular milk would turn out. Does this mix keep bread soft longer or no different? Did it come out a bit sweeter? Thanks shar

  61. i tried your recipe vs another from a popular cooking site. definitely different methods and some ingredients are omitted in your recipe. one significant diff. was your dough was very sticky..i had a good result but it wasnt that soft and airy as i was expecting. i followed evrything except for heating of the milk mixture as our microwave heats very fast i heated it for 10 sec only( was afraid to kill the yeast) any thought on how to get very soft crumbs like the ones in bakeries…btw i also use dry instant yeast

    1. Hmmm, the dough should be sticky and the extra 1/2 cup of flour you sprinkle on your work surface is the one that hold them together. I am wondering if you formed the dough so hard to make it hard ; nonetheless, the softness of the end result was the one I remembered in PI , so I don’t have any suggestion for you to make it softer… thank you !!!!

      1. thanks for the quick reply. no i actually shaped it very gently as your recipe stated and did not knead after the dough has risen. i could describe the texture of my pandesal as heavy and kind of crusty like the ones in baguettes ..the inside is soft though. ill probably try it again though

  62. I’m American, but I speak Tagalog, and yet I’d like to suggest you get someone to check your English grammar and even punctuation; very small nuances can have significant bearing on meaning. Halimbawa (for example): when you say to “mix twice” after having poured the sugar/oil/milk mix in with the flour/yeast mix, what do you mean by “mix twice”?Do you mean STIR twice? Or do you mean BLEND? Or do you mean COMPLETELY mix?? This not being clear may very well have been what “makes or breaks” my pandesal this morning! Also, you say, “…after one hour, transfer IN a lightly floured surface. I got your meaning, but that should be ONTO or simply TO…I think we hen people are trying recipes for the first time, they’re probably nervous and even second-guessing themselves, and so absolute clarity is crucial. I understand English can be tricky (I’m married to a Filipina, and I see how sometimes, even at age 44, things like prepositions and those pesky pronouns can trip you up!) I hope my, what might be insufficiently “mixed” dough rises on this, my 20th wedding anniversary 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment. I meant what I mean when I said mix twice. Mix the dough twice while in the mixing bowl then add the egg. I will troubleshoot and see the recipe ‘s language as much as I could for the readers like you,a male who tries to bake something to please his wife.I hope your pandesal works out well. Please let me know . Also, you could have just e mailed me first before you started making it since you were already confused of the recipe. I do not want to ruin any special occasion like this. Thanks!Now , I am worried:(

    1. I have not tried them but I think it will be ok for the vegetable oil although there may be a distinction of flavor from the coconut oil. Thanks for visiting 🙂

      1. Hi, I tried your recipe yesterday and mine came out really hard and heavy 🙁 so I tried another batch but still the same. Maybe I’m doing mine wrong. I don’t have a stand mixer – do you have any tips when I’m just mixing it by hand?
        Thank you for your recipe.

        1. Oh no, so sorry it did not work for you !! Did you use the right yeast? Or maybe you have added a lot of flour on the flour surface ? Just put a little bit of flour on the surface and just dip your hand on the flour so that it will not stick but the flour should be sticky . Let me try making it with hand so that I can relate…

            1. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Remember to just dip your hand into the flour just to coat it when you handle the dough and do not put too much flour on the kneading surface 🙂

  63. I used your recipe today, at the request of my Filipina helper. we are in Singapore, and Pandesal costs w bit here apparently.

    it turned out great!! Marlyn is very happy, and I think I’ve found a good every day bread to make. I especially appreciate how you said the dough should be sticky – often, we think we are doing something wrong because the dough will not come together. that was very helpful.

    I am going to give my friends your recipe, but crediting your page of course!!


    1. Thank you so much for the comment and I am glad that this Pandesal recipe did not fail you. How is Singapore? I wanted to go there when I wen home in PI last year, but we ran out of time. Thanke care and give my big hugs to Marlyn.

  64. Hi shobee,
    Thanks for sharing your recipe.
    Is it possible if you could please post a video?
    Im interested in learning how you mixed your ingredients.
    I dont have a stand mixer, is it possible to show how would you mix without the stand mixer.
    Thanks a lot..

    1. I would love to make a video in the future but I to be honest,( cringe in shame), I do not know how. I have video in my cam and I do not know how to transfer, edit etc…. I will learn, I promise and I will make a video of the pandesal recipe… Thank you…

  65. thank you so much for sharing your recipe … It’s so good all my family and coworker they love it all my co worker are American but they really love the how pandesal

  66. Wish me luck! This will be my first try making pandesal, my family loves the wreath bread I made from scratch during Thanksgiving Season and your recipe calls for the yeast mixed with flour…. I’ve never made dough this way.

  67. I just tried a pandesal recipe from internet an hour ago. It was nice but I want to try another recipe and I think yours look better! I’m going to bake your pandesal recipe as soon as I can.
    Many thanks!

  68. I followed the instructions and it went out perfect! Thanks for the recipe! Have tried others but yours is the one I like best! Lots of love!!!

  69. Hi, I am going to follow this recipe to make and just wonder how do you form the dough into rectangle shape?? Did you use the rolling stick to roll it out?? Thanks a lot ☺️

    1. No. I used my hand to flatten it into rectangle. You can also use the rolling to roll it our but, I do it very gently so as not to flatten the dough too much. I did it like that,so that I may not lose any air of the dough as I flatten it. I hoe it will work for you…

    2. I really hope it will work for you. You can use rolling stick and hand, but in this Pandesal, I used my hand. The dough is really soft that you will have no trouble doing this.

  70. I am going to try this recipe but I just have a quick question; how do u form the sought into retangle shape??? Roll it out by the stick?? Thank you so much!

  71. for us Filipinos, either OFW’s, those working overseas in every corner of the world, or those with pinoy moms or dads or wives or husbands and has been overseas for a very long time, setting foot in our native Philippines bring us a lot of memories, reconnecting our roots. PANDESAL is one of those which reminds us where we came from.. Let us continue to relive our heritage. MABUHAY KA KABAYANG SHOBEE for such a wonderful post our very own PANDESAL!

  72. I tried this and it tasted very good. I was wondering if the ingredients are the same if you use active dry yeast instead of the rapid rise yeast. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I used active dry yeast before with the same ingredients and it was like catch 22; sometimes it works and sometimes it does not, so I just stick with the rapid rise yeast. I am glad you like it… please try the other recipes here too.

  73. My son tried this pandesal recipe this morning after looking through different variation ( only his 2nd attempt).Success,actually look like the picture and taste so good.
    Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  74. Pandesal is my son’s favorite snack! Living overseas freshly baked GOOD pandesal is hard to find. Some bakery sells hot pandesal but it is best to consume it the same day you bought it (a day old pandesal tends to be hard)

    We had tried several pandesal recipes but your recipe is the BEST!! No more store bought pandesal for my son and family!!!

    Thank you for sharing!!

  75. Your recipe rocks! I’ve been trying different pan de sal recipes but when I tried yours – Bam! Just like how the neighborhood ‘Panaderia’ would make it! Thanks for sharing!

  76. Hi. I cant find active dry yeast at grocery store. I saw only Instant Yeast. do i need to dissolved it at warm water first Or can i mixed it directly to all ingredients?

        1. You just do it the same as the instruction but mix it using your hand… it will be sticky, but you can drench your hand with flour so that it will not stick as badly…:)

  77. Hi
    I love pandesal
    Want to ask when you mix the liquid ingredients to the flour mixture by hands? Or using mixer? And what do u mean by mix twice then add the egg? How long does it takes to mix the mixture to become soft and fluffy dough?
    And this recipe doesnt require kneading?

    1. Hello, Lei . 1. I am using an electic mixer, particularly the stand mixer, the stand mixer has a metal mixing bowl, and I used that. 2. I place the flour and the yeast together in the electric mixer’s bowl, mix them, there is no liquid yet,to incorporate and make a well in the middle and then position it in the mixer stand.For the liquids, I use a separate bowl to mix them together and microwave it to warm it up. I then pour the warm liquids to the electric mixer’s bowl containing the flour and yeast and mix ( around two turns of the mixer hook) twice at 3 speed or medium . The liquid and the flour mixture will be slightly incorporated and then add the egg. This time, mix completely to make a very soft,smooth dough… this will be gooey. Transfer to your prepared greased deep bowl to let the dough rise. After, just put it in a floured surface and flatten and then fold… the length and width of the rectangle will tell the size of your pandesal. pay attention when baking because these pandesal cook quicky. What I do, if it is hollow when tap on the top, it is cooked… you can bake longer to make it golden brown but it will be a little overcooked underneath.

      Please let me know if you have question and I hope it works for you… 🙂

  78. At first i thought it wasnt gonna turn out good kasi the dough was very sticky but after kneading and used the 1/2 cup flour the texture turned out fine at nung na bake na omg it wassss so good! Thank you for sharing your recipe!my picky 3 yr old daughter and husband like them too!

  79. Hi I’m in California and I’m doing this now. Baking at 300degF now. Hope it turns out great. I’ve never baked at 300 before but I hope I got that right. The dough turned out great following the previous instructions though 🙂 heated my liquid mixture up to 120deg though, as the instruction indicated in the Rapid Rise Yeast packet.

    1. I hope it works for you.I tried it in different temperature (325,375), and baked it in different times too; but the 300 and 20-25 minutes works well for me. Please let me know how it turned out for you 🙂 You are lucky you live in California, that means no snow for you. Stay safe.

    1. I hope it will work for you. I made it again and I had some liver spread with it 🙂 I am going to make empanada and ensyamada soon… look forward to it.

  80. I am on a hunt for a recipe for pan de sal. When I lived in Aya, Talisay, Batangas from 1963-1965 a man would ride his bicycle from Tanauan, carrying freshly baked bread for sale. We could hear his cry before he arrived. “Pan-de-saaalllll”

    I read your recipe and comments with interest. However, I passed up the recipe because it called for a “scrambled egg” and “rice” yeast. I figured out that rapid rice yeast is really rapid-rise yeast. But I required a couple of hours and the trying of another recipe to realize that you mean a raw egg, beaten to mix it, not an egg scrambled and cooked in a pan. So with the other trial in the oven, I will print your recipe for another try.

    1. Yeah, pansesal brings a lot of memories…Thank you for calling my attention regarding the instruction. I hope you will succeed with it. Have a great day!!!

    1. Shy, as what I remember, it is 2 and 1/4 tsp but please check it in the packet if you happen to go to the grocery because I am not so sure… Also, when you let the dough rise in your oven, make sure to heat the oven on the lowest setting for 1 minute – just to get it warm then put the dough there because if you read the comment on one who made it ( comment below) she had a problem.. I hope it works for you and let me know.

  81. my pandesal always flats and got holes at the top.they rise but i have that problem.i try to put in a warm place like placing inside the oven off and close but still dont work.

    1. Hmm, I am sorry it did not work for you… I used the recipe so many times and I did not get the same problem. Unfortunately, I am here ins NY for school and I cannot troubleshoot what could have been the problem. Once I get back home, which will be awhile,I will make sure to look at the possibilities that may have caused that.

      HELLO, HELLO, HELLO! I am here now in my own kitchen and bake this pandesal again to see what happened to your pandesal… I tried the instruction bit by bit and it came out really great,,, I am going to post a picture soon of the said result. ( Did you heat the water or the milk mixture too hot?)

      1. Couple of comments, You yeast my not be working. A preferment will let you know if the yeast is up to snuff, (Mix in 1/4 c. of liquid and a tea. sugar, let sit untiled doubled in size. I think the milk could be way too hot if you microwave it for over 1 minute, it should be just warm to the touch. (110 F). Over 120 F and it will kill the yeast.. Also if you use the oven to proof the bread the oven could be too hot. I find tucking it into a corner of my kitchen out of drafts is fine unless your house is less than 70 F. Cover your dough with plastic wrap to hold in heat and moisture. Time to rise also develops flavor, too warm and the dough rised and falls with a crash and has no taste. If I have the time I like to cool rise my doughs (overnight in the refrigerator or a couple of hours in a cooler room) You also need to really knead the dough to help develop gluten. My general rule of thumb is 5 minutes on my kitchenaid mixer or about 10 min. by hand. Even when I use the mixer I always ‘finish’ the dough by hand folding in air and lightening the dough. Too little gluten develop development and your bread has no structure. The no knead doughs work fine but have a much higher moisture content and use time (1-2 days) to develop the bread’s structure. I have been baking bread for over 40 years and have also had my share of flops. Hope these recommendations help you out.

        1. Thanks for this suggestion and I hope my readers will find it helpful. I, however, used the method as how I did my pandesal and it worked for me. So I hope it will work the same with my readers too.

  82. My Korean-born son married a half-Filipino woman, so I’m trying to learn about Filipino culture. Can’t wait to try these.

    1. it is my first time to do pandesal n i was very satisfied with the outcome.i did it successfully n it seemed like i am in the philippines.the taste reminds me of my childhood…ty n more power

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