The greatest success comes from the smallest of steps, as long as those steps are consistently taken in faith


It has been thirteen years that I have been away from home – Philippines. Throughout these years, I have been thankful for the internet for making the world a smaller place. Because of the internet, communication with my parents has become very cheap and very easy. When I became active in Facebook and Skype, I use these media to communicate with my folks. During these conversations, my mom never fails to say, ” Kaon ug utan inom ug juice ( eat veggies and drink juice ).”


Some things never changed. I have been hearing these words since I was a baby. I understand that my mom is just concern about our health because health really is a real wealth. What is the use of having a lot of money, or having a high paying job if you cannot enjoy them because your health is out of whack, right?


But hearing these sentences since I was a baby ’til now, I cannot help but roll my eyes. Of course I do not show that to my mom, or else, I will hurt her feelings or she will conclude I am disrespectful. But my gosh, I am in my mid-life now. I am also close to my menopause, and I am still reminded to drink my juice. Come on, stop. I got it to a T. I even dreamt and see her nudging me to drink my juice and eat my veggies.


Although I roll my eyes on these relentless reminder, I am thankful that my mom has been telling me to eat right. My diet now is way, way different from how I was fed growing up. I must say that my diet in the Philippine was very healthy. When I cam  here in the US, everything I have learned about good diet were thrown out to the window. But whenever I feed myself with unhealthy food, I tend to feel and hear  her nudging at the back of my conscience, and these make me more aware on eating better. So thank you, Momma.


In honor to my mom’s constant reminder, I will be posting some fruit juice recipes in the following posts. I started with the Awesome Orange post, so please check it. I hope you will enjoy it.



Yield: 2 small glass


  1. 1 piece pear
  2. 1 cup grapes
  3. 1 orange


  • Prepare the juicer and wash the fruits.
  • Using the juicer add the fruit in batch or one at a time.
  • Enjoy!


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