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No matter what grill you have or the foods you like to cook on it, you can always count on Grate Chef to supply you with a product designed to fit your needs; cooking, cleaning, and maintaining the quality of your grill has never been easier!

Grate Chef

Forty years of combined experience at Grate Chef creates a trustworthy, consumer-friendly line of products which can be bought anywhere in retail and hardware stores across the country or online. Your money will always be well-spent on any Grate Chef item, including Grate Chef Grill Wipes, fire starters, and the Flare Down. 

Grate Chef Grill Wipes are non-stick and highly heat-resistant. They'll also cling to any brush and clean and oil your grill plates, leaving crisp, defined grill marks and a tasty, juicy burger, hot dog, fish, or vegetable. It's easier than anything you've ever done, and it's all worth the short time it takes, so go buy your Grate Chef Grill Wipes today!

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Grate Chef Fire Starters are the most effective way to start a charcoal or wood grill or a campfire. Just one packet of the Fire Starters can burn at 1,500 degrees for ten minutes, and your fire will burn cleanly with no smell. Food grilled over the Fire Starters won't taste like lighter fluid and are safe, waterproof, and lightweight for transport. Bring a packet or two on your next camping trip, and start a fire with no hassle or mess! Just tuck the packet under wood or charcoal and light one corner to have a flame going before you know it.

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Sometimes you may be grilling for a backyard barbeque, and with no warning, a hot tongue of fire has you jumping back and your burger burned. When grease drips onto a fire, this results in a flare-up which can ruin the quality of your burger. Don't use water when this happens; not only is it more dangerous, but no one wants soggy meat.

Instead, when you get a flare-up, use Grate Chef Flare Down! It's safe for food and efficiently controls flare-ups to keep your food cooked to perfection, no burns, no over-cooking, and most importantly, no need to take your food off the grill! The best part is that it's easiest to use, and it's also won the award for the Best New Barbeque Accessory at the 2012 Vesta Awards. Buy the Grate Chef Flare Down to see what all the buzz is about, and you'll understand why this product is a must-have in your selection of grilling accessories.

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Compatible with every grill, be it wood, charcoal, electric, or gas, Grate Chef products are available almost anywhere, including online. As your Grate Chef set grows, you'll find yourself grilling better and better; expect a rise in backyard barbeques, because you'll want to show off your new skills (and with good reason, too)!

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Grate Chef sparked in March 2003 in Nashville, Tennessee; since then, a growing line of grilling accessories swept away the nation with efficiency and innovation.

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