High Protein Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Chicken Pot Pie that is easy and also filling. With Campbell’s Chicken soup , sliced chicken breast and frozen vegetables as filling, plus the  Pillsbury pie crust to hold it , dinner can’t be easier than this.

Hight Protein Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

I love Chicken Pot Pie. Two years ago, I decided that I will live the rest of my life  eating   Chicken Pot pie as my meal. Particularly the Costco one. Then we moved to Kansas. My life fell apart; without Costco Chicken Pot Pie, my life does not matter. I was throwing my fists up to the air, ” Wahhhhhh, why is the Midwest monopolized by Walton – no Costco, only Sam’s club!” Then an epiphany happened – I can make my own Chicken Pot Pie. Maybe not as similar as Costco, but I can customize its taste to my liking. Then life has meaning again.

Hight Protein Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

So here it is, a very simple Chicken Pot Pie. It is individually packed in the oven safe ramekins so that I can make sure I can monitor my intake. I hope you enjoy it too. I entered this post in Cherished Handmade Treasures and Between Napsonthe Porch party

Hight Protein Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Hight Protein Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Servings: 4 • Serving Size: 1 small size ramekins • Old Points: 4 • Points+:5 • Calories : 218• Fat:5.9 • Protein: 23.2g • Carb:13g • Fiber:3.2g • Sugar: 4.5g • Sodium: 171mg


  1. 1 and 1/2 lbs skinless chicken breast. sliced into small pieces
  2. 1 tbsp cooking oil
  3. 1 small onion, chop
  4. 12 oz pack frozen mixed vegetables
  5. 10 and 1/4 oz Cream of Chicken Soup
  6. 1/2 cup water
  7. salt to taste


  • Heat the cooking oil in a pan and add in chopped onion until transparent or cook through. Add in the sliced chicken breast and let it brown in all sides and then add the 1/2 cup of water. Cover and let the chicken become soft. When chicken is cook, add in the frozen vegetables and let it thaw in the heat and continue cooking until the veggies and chicken are simmering, around 5 minutes. Add in the Cream of Chicken Soup and add salt to taste.Let it continue simmering for 10 more minutes. Turn of heat when done.
  • Preheat oven at 350 F. Clean 4 oven safe ramekins and then prepare the Pillsbury ready made pie crust and work on it in a flat surface. Divide the pie crust into fourths. Place the 1/4 size pie crust in the oven safe ramekins and flatten it around the ramekin surface. Remove excess crust. Do the same to the rest of the ramekins. Pour in the chicken breast mixture above the brim of the ramekins. Set aside.
  • Divide the other ready made pie crust into fourth and put it on top of the chicken mixture. Seal with the other crust in the ramekin. Do the same to the rest of the chicken mixture. Place the ramekin in a flat baking sheet and bake in a pre heated oven until the pie crust is brown on top.
  • You can freeze this meal, or you can eat it right away.

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