Honeydew with Ginger Bits Smoothie

Honeydew with Ginger Bits Smoothie is a gently spicy drink that you can enjoy this spring… 


When I was young,  whenever I got sick or I had sore throat, my grandma  instinctively peel a ginger and shoved it into my mouth all the while explaining that it will tickle my throat  and make the soldiers ( she meant antibodies) fight the colds. I believed her. So in my young life, I  chewed a lot of ginger and I chewed a raw  ginger like a candy. Then I grew up and I thought I am wiser than my grandma, so I stopped eating and chewing raw ginger – until now…


When we go to church, I make sure that we sit on the second pew from the front ; that way, I can hear and understand the sermon better and it is nice to see the congregation earnestly praying. Sitting on this side also means that I am just one seat ahead of this old man who have the most angelic voice. He is a member of a choir, by the way. When he is not singing with the choir,he sits on that place close to me. As we are singing the hymn, I cannot help but hear his voice. Then I hear my voice – it is similar to a voice stuck inside a cave. DO not get me wrong, I am so thankful of my voice. In fact, I sing loudly at church with my monotone but this voice can be helped, I guess – by eating raw ginger. If the raw ginger can heal a sore throat, I presume it will somehow straighten my  twisted vocal chords.


I am determined to make this voice better without voice lessons. Although I am aware that God listens and enjoys  my singing no matter what, but it will not hurt to make it easier for God. So I am making this Honeydew with Ginger Bits smoothie. Since, I have some  left over Honeydew ChamomileTea drink post . I am excited to see God not forcing Himself to listen to me.

I made this smoothie twice now, but my voice hasn’t change  into angelic yet. Still monotone, but I have a feeling that my ” soldiers” has become  stronger by drinking this drink ( based on granny’s advice). But seriously, I like this drink. It is spicy from the ginger that is balanced by the sweetness of the Honeydew. You can add honey for more sweet but I like mine without it.

Honeydew with Ginger Bits Smoothie

Honeydew with Ginger Bits
Servings: 2• Serving Size: 1 glass• Old Points: 1• Points+:2• Calories :61 • Fat: .2• Protein:.9g • Carb: 15.4 g • Fiber: 1.4 g • Sugar: 13.8 g • Sodium: 31mg
  • 2 cups Honeydew peeled and cut into small pieces
  • ½ inch raw ginger, crushed and chopped
  1. Peel and cut Honeydew into small pieces and place into a blender. Add in chopped raw ginger and blend until smooth. Serve and enjoy!
There is a delicious spice on this drink.

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