How to Make Delicious Pho Noodles

How to Make Delicious Pho Noodles? Fret no more, because here it is; a post to answer that question. This Vietnamese Pho version is  easy to make. You will be surprise that a soup so good can be so simple to make.

How to Make Delicious Pho NoodlesIt starts with my crock pot.

I placed the 4 large pieces of beef bones, with the marrow still in them, in my large crock pot and I added 10 cups of water in it and I slow cooked it  for 12 hours. By this time, the soup is smelling so great and the taste from the beef bones is very well incorporated with the soup. I then added the Gia VI Pho Bo Flavoring (note: this is an affiliate)  to highlight the taste. You can also use the regular beef broth you can find in the stores , but I am more bias with the Asian broth flavoring. When the broth is ready, I cooked the noodles per product’s instruction and divided them in four bowls. I then add the broth and all the garnish.

 AND HERE IT IS!!  A Pho Noodles soup that is packed with flavor and taste.

That meat  right there is the Homemade Chinese Pork Barbecue I made for the Homemade Spring Rolls and  then the herbs: Onions,Mint and Cilantro. I really like to add basil into my Pho too, so I added that in there. If you lack those kind of ingredients, that’s ok because the onions and cilantro still work magic in this soup.

Look at that beauty…

How to Make Delicious Pho Noodles

Wait ’til you make it and actually tastes it. The smell in that broth is so good and the basil highlighted the flavorings. 

This Pho is perfect for the cold days. I usually prepare the noodles ( I used Jiangxi Rice Sticks (note: this is an affiliate),  the broth, and the garnishes the  night before  so that when I wake up, I just assemble all of them together in a bowl. It is a Fast Pho noodles soup that will totally warm you up.

How to Make Delicious Pho NoodlesHow to Make Delicious Pho NoodlesHow to Make Delicious Pho NoodlesHow to Make Delicious Pho Noodles

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How to Make Delicious Pho Noodles
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Cuisine: Asian
Serves: 8 bowls
  • 3 lbs huge Beef Bones with Marrow
  • 10 cups water ( you can use the store bought beef broth too)
  • 1 packet ofGia Vi Pho Bo (Artificial Beef Flavor Broth) - 2.7oz
  • 1 medium size red onion ( ½ cup when chopped)
  • 2 stems green onion
  • 1 inch size of fresh ginger, crushed
  • 1 stem lemon grass
  1. Prepare the broth the night before. Place the beef bones in a large crock pot and add in 10 cups of water. Add in the rest of the broth ingredients and slow cook in medium for 12 hours. Season with the Gia Vi Pho Bo (Artificial Beef Flavor Broth) according to your taste.
  3. Cook the rice sticks per package instruction and divide them into 4 bowls and pour in the broth. Add the rest of the garnish. Refrigerate left over for the next meal.




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  1. Got to try that flavouring, I usually make everything at home but its quite a process.
    What I can share is the use of fried shallots and fried garlic (store bought ones) when you are boiling your soup with the bones, they give a lot of flavour

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