Puerto Rico: All Star Island

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Puerto Rico: two-hundred and seventy miles of heavenly beaches, entrancing cities, and lush rainforest. Never lacking in places to go or people to meet, this irresistible island is filled to the brim with world-class attractions which captivate tourists and locals alike; any trip is a five-star vacation in Puerto Rico. The activities for you to choose from are endless, so savor your visit and enjoy the luxuries the All-Star Island has to offer.

Visit the Bioluminescent Bays and shine like an angel when you take a dip in the water; the captivating cerulean glow creates enough light for you to sit peacefully by the water and get lost in a book. Become entranced with this fascinating bay during your visit.                                                                                               Puerto Rico is also home of Flamenco Beach in Culebra, which is often deemed one of the best beaches in the world, and with good reason, too. Flamenco Beach boasts white, warm sand and crystal clear blue waters; see a dolphin or two, or feel the fish swim by your toes. Snorkel and surf, and on moonless nights, stargaze and watch the Milky Way swirl above your head.
Check off another item on your bucket list when you visit San Juan and enjoy nice strolls upon the streets. For an unforgettable memory, the San Juan National Historic Site showcases forts, barracks, and dungeons from the colonial-era and late 1800s. Old San Juan flaunts 16th and 17th Century old-world charm and boasts over four-hundred restored buildings; shop, dance, or simply meander down the one-and-only leisurely lanes, voted as the fourth most popular tourist destination. San Juan is an essential experience when you visit Puerto Rico.

Of course, no visit would be complete without viewing El Yunque, a lavish green rainforest home to more than four-hundred different plant species and activities for tourists of all ages. With over a dozen maintained trails for hiking, El Yunque is perfect for sightseeing and spotting animals,awe-inspiring stone towers, and grand waterfalls along your path.

                Horseback riding is also a must-do in Puerto Rico. If you’re up for adventure, take a horse up the Camuy Caverns, filled with hundreds of towering caves; some are large enough to hide skyscrapers! Located by the Camuy River, the Camuy Caverns are also an excellent way to explore and discover the processes by which rocks and caves form in a fascinating journey through this vacationing classic.
Experience heaven on your tongue when you taste exclusively Puerto Rican delicacies. Home of exotic spices, beans, and tropical fruits, Puerto Rico is every foodie’s dream. Treat yourself to Bistec Encebollado or Carne Molida, and delight in the rich flavor. Close the meal with some of the exclusive famous rums and you’ll never want to leave.
Meet friendly people and go on new adventures everyday with ease; enjoy your vacation, no passports or foreign money required! Just hop on a plane and treat yourself to all the luxuries only Puerto Rico can serve on a silver platter.

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