How do you make smoothie? It is easy. Here is a strawberry smoothie recipe or should I call it recipe when it is this easy? Anyway, here is a healthy smoothie recipe for you to try. I even included a photo on how to freeze the strawberries and bananas so that when you wake up in the AM, you are good to go.DSC01665

Here is another way on making my family’s smoothie. You can actually use any fruit for this recipe. Whatever it is that fits to your taste. This is a sugar less smoothie and again, no yogurt added. I just hope you en joy it.





Below is the picture of how to freeze your banana and strawberries. I usually use the overripe bananas as they are sweeter and cheaper. I slice the bananas and strawberries into bite size pieces and place them on a baking sheet making sure there is distance between them. Then I freeze it uncovered for an hour or two.

When it is ready, I put the fruits in a zip loc and put it back in the freezer and leave it there until use.



  1. 10 pcs. strawberry
  2. 1 banana
  3. 1 cup milk or unsweetened vanilla flavor soya milk


  • Place all three ingredients in the blender or in a magic bullet and blend.


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